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company news about Cummins and ZTO Express launch the world's first high-efficiency clean energy logistics power solution

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Cummins and ZTO Express launch the world's first high-efficiency clean energy logistics power solution
Latest company news about Cummins and ZTO Express launch the world's first high-efficiency clean energy logistics power solution

Two heavy-duty natural gas engines are listed on the market, and two industry leaders explain clean and efficient. September 25 (Shanghai)-Cummins and Zhongtong Express Group today successfully held the "Efficient and Clean Energy Logistics Power Solution" at the Shanghai Zhongtong Express Headquarters "The world premiere ceremony. With the help of Fudi, the headquarters of Zhongtong Express, Cummins has launched two new products of 15-liter and 12-liter National VI natural gas engines. With Cummins’ new natural gas heavy-duty power platform and efficient power chain integration capabilities, it perfectly matches Dongfeng commercial vehicles, Foton Daimler, and Shaanxi. China's leading heavy-duty trucks such as China Automobile and Jianghuai, combined with Zhongtong Express's advanced logistics operation concept and digital management system, work together to establish a new benchmark for clean power and efficient logistics.


The theme of this press conference is "Link and Efficient, Green Future", showing that ZTO Express and Cummins use more efficient and cleaner integrated power system to set a new benchmark for logistics power in the industry, thereby promoting the logistics industry to further green, Efficient direction development. Lai Jianfa, Executive Vice President of ZTO Express Group, Zhang Jianfeng, Vice President, Wang Quanfa, Director of Operation Management Center, Nathan Stoner, Cummins Vice President in charge of China Business, Liu Xiaoxing, Cummins Vice President and General Manager of Engine Business Unit in China, and other relevant leaders Attend the launch event together.

Although Lai Meisong, chairman of ZTO Express Group, was unable to attend the event, he expressed his concern in advance via video. He said, "Since 2002, Cummins has continued to provide impetus to the development of ZTO Express, and the two sides have cooperated very closely. ZTO Express adheres The concept of efficient operation and sustainable development has been practicing the corporate responsibility of energy saving, emission reduction, and ecological protection. Green water and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains. Zhongtong Express is willing to further cooperate with Cummins in the field of clean energy such as natural gas to promote the entire express delivery industry. Embark on the fast lane of green and efficient development".


As the leading company in the express logistics industry in China, ZTO Express has the largest domestic transportation fleet and nearly 10,000 trunk logistics vehicles. As a pioneer in global power technology, Cummins has been promoting the technological innovation and transformation of commercial vehicle power for more than 100 years. . The cooperation between ZTO Express and Cummins has a long history. At present, more than 70% of the capacity on ZTO trunk lines are equipped with Cummins high-efficiency power.


"Zhongtong's corporate vision is to'become a respected one-hundred-year Zhongtong'. We believe that technological innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for the growth and progress of a company. This is in line with the century-old Cummins' vision of'innovation and customer success' Hehe. In the development process of working with Cummins, we have deeply felt the profound heritage of this century-old company", said Lai Jianfa, vice president of ZTO Express Group, “As a new force in the global express logistics industry, ZTO Express has always adhered to forward thinking and realization Scientific capacity design, and precise management through big data to achieve efficient operation. Cummins engine has outstanding performance in overall power, fuel saving, and reliability, and the digital technology is perfectly linked with the Zhongtong system, which can also be said It is the cornerstone of further cooperation between the two parties."


As a major strategic customer of Cummins, ZTO Express took the lead in conducting actual road use test of Cummins’ new natural gas engine. According to the first-hand data feedback of ZTO Express participating in the road test fleet, taking Cummins’ newly launched 15L natural gas engine as an example, in the previous actual In the road test, the results were satisfactory. From Hefei to Bengbu under full load, the average gas consumption per 100 kilometers was 21 kg.


Cummins Vice President Shi Naesen said in his speech: "Zhongtong has a large number of trucks throughout the country, driving around the clock, and has always put low emissions and high efficiency as the focus of its fleet operation. Cummins not only provides low emissions for ZTO fleets. Emissions, high-efficiency diesel engines, we also use new technologies and digital tools to improve attendance and optimize the total cost of ownership in close cooperation with Zhongtong. Based on the success of the National VI diesel engine, we rely on our customers In-depth understanding of requirements, further realization of optimized integration, and the use of global R&D resources to launch two excellent heavy-duty natural gas engine platforms. It is hoped that these two engines can help customers including Zhongtong further reduce their carbon footprint and improve efficiency at the same time And attendance rate optimization, to provide users with a competitive total cost of ownership."


The delivery and transportation industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and with it, it is also facing increasingly arduous environmental and efficiency challenges. In order to promote sustainable and healthy development, ZTO Express and Cummins have carried out in-depth cooperation in many areas, including engines, gearboxes, vehicle diversion design, and fleet big data management and service methods two years ago.


Next year, with the implementation of National VI, the implementation of the new emission standards will be stricter, which will directly affect the operational efficiency and cost control of the fleet and end users. The new generation of high-efficiency and clean energy power solutions launched for the Chinese market is preliminary estimated. According to the current ZTO Express vehicle fuel consumption is 23L/100km, and the annual driving distance is 200,000 km/trolley, if it is replaced with Cummins National VI natural gas engine, every time The trolley can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.19 tons per year. Based on the estimated size of the 3,000 natural gas fleet in the ZTO Express plan, the annual carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by more than 3,500 tons.


As the core of the solution, Cummins released a new National VI standard natural gas heavy-duty power platform this time, including two products of 15L and 12L, with a maximum power of 550PS and a maximum torque of 2600N.m, both of which are currently the leading power level of the National VI natural gas engine. Cummins has more than 50 years of experience in the development of natural gas engines. As early as 1999, it was the first to launch natural gas engines in the Chinese market. Natural gas engine is an internationally recognized clean energy power. The National VI natural gas engine platform released this time is the first time that Cummins has forward-looking cooperation with four domestic OEM partners at the same time. It took six years of ingenuity to build and fully utilize the intelligence of Cummins’ latest National VI power solution. Control technology and Cummins digital technology, with a number of innovative designs of key systems, featuring high attendance, low gas consumption, ultra-reliability, and strong power.



At present, Cummins' latest National VI natural gas engine has begun to be equipped with Dongfeng Tianlong flagship and Tianlong KL, Foton Daimler EST, GTL, Shaanxi Automobile X5000, JAC K7 and other models. As the first batch of customers to participate in the test of Cummins natural gas power products, ZTO Express is currently very satisfied with the test results and is expected to purchase more vehicles equipped with Cummins National VI natural gas products.

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The optimized integration of the overall powertrain can help the fleet achieve better economic and environmental benefits. At the launch site, Cummins also exhibited the latest integrated power chain. Through the optimized integration of the engine and the gearbox, the compatibility of the engine and the gearbox can be maximized, and the effect of 1+1>2 is realized, and it has the characteristics of lower fuel consumption, safer, higher efficiency, smarter, and more comfortable. It is very suitable for the working conditions of China's express logistics and transportation industry.

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Previously, ZTO Express and Cummins had discussed and cooperated for many years on green and efficient logistics power solutions. Cummins provided ZTO Express with power chain selection and optimization configuration consultation, through safety and fuel-saving driving training, big data analysis, etc. Service to help ZTO Express fleet improve attendance and operational efficiency. This is also one of the reasons why ZTO Express directly chooses to purchase Cummins’ new National VI natural gas engine.


With the support of the optimized cooperation between ZTO Express and Cummins, this "efficient and clean energy logistics power solution" will surely become a new benchmark for logistics power and promote technological progress and industrial upgrading in the industry.

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