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company news about Cummins diesel generator sets

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Cummins diesel generator sets
Latest company news about Cummins diesel generator sets

Cummins diesel generator sets use Dongfeng/Chongqing Cummins engines, which are highly reliable,easy to repair and maintain, have long continuous operation time,and have long working hours. They have won the favor of users in ports, railways, industrial and mining enterprises and other industries.As a foreign investor in the Chinese engine industry, Cummins owns Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co. Ltd.(produces B,C and Lseries)and Chongqing Cummins Engine Co. Ltd.(produces M,N and K series) and other manufacturing companies in China. Uniform quality standard production.Cummins global service network provides customers with reliable service guarantee.
Chongqing Cummins generator curent diesel Company is an enterprise that designs, produces and sells diesel engines and compressed naturalgas engines in the world today. cummins generator model ntpdf has invested more than 140 million US dollars in China.As a foreign investor in China's engine industry, Cummins has eight joint ventures and wholly-owned manufacturing companies in China.Among them,Dongfeng Cummins produces B, Cand Lseries diesel engines,and Chongqing Cummins produces M.N and Kseries dieselengines. The products comply with ISO 3046.ISO 4001,ISO8525,IEC34-1 GB1105,GB/T 2820,CSH22-2,VDE 0530 and YD/T 502-2000"Technical Requirements for Communication types of power generation and other standards.
B,C,Lseries of Dongfeng Cummins diesel generator sets.Adopt Dongfeng Cummins B,C,Lseries engines, in-line 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder models.The displacement is 3.9L,5.9L,8.3L,8.9L,etc.and the power coverage is 24KW-220KW, with advanced technology and reliable performance.
M, N, K series Chongqing Cummins diesel generator set
·Chongqing Cummins M,N,K series engines include in-line 6-cylinder,V-shaped 12-cylinder,V-shaped 16-cylinder and other models. The displacement is 14L,18.9L,37.8L and so on.Advanced technology, reliable performance,long continuous operation time,stable operation in various environments, and convenient maintenance and maintenance. Its power range is 20OKW-1200KW, mainly used in mining, power generation, marine, rail cars and petroleum machinery. Cummins engine structure characteristics
(1) Most of them are equipped with the company's unigue PT fuel system (except for the B and C series). (2) All adopt o combustion chamber. (3) The cam followers are all ollers.
(4) Most of the fuel and oil passages are drilled in the cylinder block and cylinder head.
(5) Wet cylinder liner, which is phosphated.
(6)The crankshaft is forged with alloy steel,and the journal is induction hardened.
(7)The first ringgroove of all pistons has a nickel alloy cast ironinsert to improve the life of the ringgroove.
199 3150×1100×1920 2420
ZD-250GFQ 312.5 250QSL9-G5 6L 114/135 8.8

ZD-380GFQ 475 380 QSX15-G6 6L 137/169 15
197 3430×1200×2065 4100
198 3430×1200×2065 4250
ZD-400GFQ 500 400 QSX15-G8 6L 137/169 15
ZD-500GFQ 625 500 VTA28-G5 12L 140/152 28
211 4067×1880×2286 5450
ZD-600GFQ 750 600 VTA28-G6 12L140/152 28
3213 4047×1880×2286 5900
ZD-640GFQ 800 640 QSK23-G3 6L 170/170 23.15 195 4593×1562×2086 6200 ZD-720GFQ 900 720 QST30-G3 12V 140/165 30.48 201 4757×1702×2332 6500 ZD-800GFQ 1000 800 QST30-G4 12V 140/165 30.48 202 4757×1800×2332 6700 ZD-1500GFO 1875 1500 QSK60-G3 16V 159/190 60187 6175×2600×2840 15152
ZD-1600GFQ 2000 1600 QSK60-G4 16V 159/190 60194 6175×2600×2840 15366
ZD-1800GFQ 2250 1800 QSK60-G13 16V 159/190 60 199 6175×2600×2840 17217 ZD-2000GFQ 2500 2000 QSK78-G9 16V 170/190 77.6 201 7158×2800×2900 24880
ZD-2400GFQ 3000 2400 QSK78-G6 16V 170/190 77.6 203 7158×2800×2900 25280


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